About Us

Sweden Enterprises, LLC  is a privately held real estate investment company that has been in the real estate industry over 10 years buying, selling renovating properties from single family homes and multi-family properties.
We are seeking Multi-family properties across American and Canada that has some type value add. Sweden Enterprises, LLC offers project management services. If you are a foreign investor or local investor that has real estate renovation project in different states and need a company to manage the project, our professional team will oversee your project for you.

If you have any properties that is distressed contact: 

Daniel Crawford  Director of Acquisitions 

Mobile: 512-839-5967


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Residential & Commercial Properties We Want To Buy

Who we are

We focus on acquiring, renovating, and managing residential properties, apartment buildings, assisted living facilities, student housing, senior housing, self-storage facilities, and etc. Our team acquires these properties to renovate and ultimately increase the value while also keeping the communities safe, clean, and vibrant.